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Ilona Mrozowska

Owner & Tattoo Artist

Altar Tattoo Studio is home to international award-winning tattoo artist Ilona Mrozowska. Originally from Poland, Ilona has gained world-wide acclaim, having won numerous awards for her masterful black and grey, realism, Japanese, modern Polynesian tattoos, among other styles.

How long have you been tattooing professionally?

I have been in the tattoo industry for 15 years and I have always had the fortunate opportunity to work with the best professional artists from around the world from whom I gained knowledge. My journey is a blessing and I feel very lucky to be part of tattoo industry what creates safe environment for my clients.​

What inspired you into the art of tattooing?

My biggest inspiration was my brother who is a very famous tattoo artist in Europe and who taught me everything from the very beginning. I am lucky to have such a mentor, but I must admit that the first two years of me being apprenticeship were very hard but also very rich in knowledge.

Tell us about your preferred style of work.

I can't pick one favorite style. I have 15 specializations that I love to do. I love black and gray, delicate, demonic, floral, Japanese or pagan tattoos. I love to enrich the creativity of my clients because in my eyes they are real artists and in many cases I am just their technical advisor.

What inspires you as an artist? 

My biggest inspiration are my clients who share their visions and ideas with me. I always feel honored by their trust and willingness to share their creativity with me.

Why should someone pick you for their next tattoo/to be their artist?

I am a licensed tattoo artist after nursing and tattoo studies, I value honesty in my profession and customer safety. I always give 100% regardless of the size or price of the project. I believe in what I do and in what is my passion, so if a client is looking for a tattoo artist who will not only tell him what he wants to hear but will tell him everything he needs to know, I believe that I would be the right choice as a tattoo artist.

Anything else you'd like for prospective clients to know about you?

I am a very open person with an open mind. I never judge anyone, and I always try to create a pleasant atmosphere so that I can create something special together with the client. For me, all people are equal, and everyone can feel comfortable in my company.