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Angel Rosado

Tattoo Artist

Instagram: @Angels_Wicked_Tattoos

How long have you been tattooing professionally (in a licensed shop)?

I've been tattooing professionally for 10 years in multiple establishments.

What inspired you into the art of tattooing? (Who, what, when, where)

I got inspired being around bikers and tattoo shops when I was a kid during the early 90s and saw few comic book heroes that are turned into tattoos, so I got fasicinatee by them over the Years.

Tell us about the preferred style of your work?

My tattoo style that I've got known for was fine line work I can do small or large pieces in that style, but I prefer doing colorful work like anime/manga in neo-traditional style and same goes for comic book heroes/villains.

What other styles are you known for?

I've got inspired being around other artists of all styles and they give inspiration to do more of my own style that I love to do and get more creative when I make new designs before I show them off.

What inspires you as an artist?

I get inspirations for my work is reading comic books and watch anime because the colors I see. I watch a study what colors can compliment with each other and how they blend. I'm constantly thinking what colors would work on different skins tones.

Why should someone pick you for their next tattoo/to be their artist?

I give great comfort to work together as team to bring their ideal tattoo to life, I never say no tattoo idea is a stupid idea. So I make them feel cozy and give them the best experience and after the session I tell them details how to take their new tattoo and keep in touch with me with any questions.

Anything else you'd like for prospective clients to know about you?

What my clients should know about me I'm a total nerd in pop culture and history geek. My mostly knowledge is more in comic books movies or anime. But I do give great welcoming comfort to my clients friendly vibes and joke around here but I mostly stay professional and focus on the design my clients would love on their skin forever.

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